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Do any of these questions come up in your mind when thinking about a Paint Colour ?

The answer to those questions are not an easy one,  but it does depend on several factors:

For example, When the sun is constant, cool colours reflect heat instead of accepting it.
And if your home has many rooms that are used only occasionally, dark colours may be the best choice because they won’t show dirt so easily and you can clean up a bit more quickly.

So why don’t you get a free consultation from an expert who can help you choose your colour….???

Choosing the right colour for your home can be difficult.

Over the time we have helped hundreds of clients choose a suitable Colour scheme for their home and office.

Many people come to us feeling anxious and overwhelmed/ lost and confused most often after they have attempted choosing a Colour by themselves they have an array of colours in their mind and are often left feeling anxious about which one will best suit their over all look of their home.

There is so much to consider:

  • must match kitchen bench tops
  • must match Cabinets
  • must match tiles
  • do you have hard wood or carpet and you guessed it it must also match your wall Colour aswell.

So many decisions to make most people end up with analysis paralysis. And seeking the option of friends and family seems to only make it worse as they often have different taste.
It’s doesn’t have to been this hard!

When clients have gotten a consultation from one of our friendly experts they have often felt like a weight has been taken off their shoulders as they get taken through our 5 step process to choosing a Colour for their home.
The whole process takes only 30min to complete considering that most clients have spend weeks trying to figure out a Colour you can imagine how surprised they are when they realize in just 30 minutes they could of had their Colour chosen and could of avoided the weeks of headaches and and wasting money on countless sample posts especially when you tak into consideration that our Colour consultations only cost $100. However for a limited time only it won’t even cost you that.

We are giving away our 30min Colour consultations away for free and on top of that we are adding 10min towards project planing.
So that’s 40min of value worth at over $250 value all yours for free.


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I’ve had Christyan and his team do painting all through my house. They’ve done a wonderful job, i’m really happy with it, and i would recommend them in the future.

Leslie Delaney

Had lots of tradies at my house. These guys have the process worked out, the systems, the supervision, the skills. Really good.

Ros Barns

Had Christyan and the team from luxe to do some painting works at my house. Over all really professional, we had some initial problems with a few little errors that needed to be fixed, But they were happy to accomodate and returned nice and promptly  to fix things up. Left really happy with the job in the end, so would highly recommend.

Amanda Clark

Had Christyan and the team around from Luxe to do some maintenance painting on my rental property. I found them to be very professional and very courteous, flexible in my requirements and very well priced. I would definitely recommend them to anyone with a similar job.


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Expert Painters in Perth

Luxe Painting Perth is your one-stop centre for everything from interior to exterior house painting. We offer residential, commercial, exterior and roof painting services.
Luxe Painting has been Providing equality service for over 5 years in the Perth
Our professional painters are courteous of individual preferences regarding the colour schemes chosen for inside or outside spaces.

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What you want for a house is the simple interior paint that makes people say "WOW !"

So, what exactly sets us apart?
Why should you call us first?

Your home should be your sanctuary. A place where you feel at peace and comfortable.
We take care of that for you, even on the rooftop and exterior surfaces with paint.
The team has been in business long enough to know exactly what homeowners want from a paint job- Luxe Painting will accomplish that task for satisfied customers across Perth.

We know you. That's because, at Luxe Painting, we are not just a painting company in Perth - we're your other half!

All our team members are experienced professionals with many years of experience in the industry – we take pride in delivering high-quality workmanship at a competitive price.
We use only top-quality products from leading brands like Dulux, So you can be sure your home’s paint job will last for decades without needing any touch-ups or repairs.

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What our clients are saying

The Boys at luxe did a great job on my rental, they were easy to work with and professional. Chris stuck to his promises and made sure the boys delivered in a timely manner. When they finished they made sure to leave the property very tidy and clean, i couldn't find a drop of paint on the floor or any dust. I would highly recommend luxe to anyone looking for a quality job and professionally presented group of tradies read more

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Dean Zimmer Google Reviewer

I own several rental properties on Perth's northern suburbs and get them repainted regularly by Luxe Painting Perth, they always paint using high quality paints, primers and undercoats. They prepare the painted surfaces well and use painters drop sheets to protect the flooring and furniture. I have found their prices to be more than reasonable and I am happy to recommend their services to anyone! read more

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Philip Davis Google Reviewer

We had bought a house with a fairly tired, messy, DIY paint job, and it really needed an upgrade, inside and out. Chris gave a reasonable quote, and carefully broke it down for us so that we could see where each cost came from. He was great at helping us think about which parts of the exterior were worth painting. Since we had the whole house painted, the service included a free consultation with an interior designer, read more

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Catherine Google Reviewer

Fantastic work and easy to deal with! I live over east and had to arrange for my rental unit to get repainted, Chris was very easy to deal with and professional at all times. Took photos of what he thought needed to be done to make the house look presentable. He even made suggestions on things I thought needed painting, such as the ceilings, but after he inspected the property it was his recommendation that it would be a read more

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Natasha Sinclaire Google Reviewer

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What to expect from the Colour Consultation !

Initial analysis of your home.

We assess your current situation within your home, meaning current Colour coordination and palette to work out the base colours that we will have to work with.
To create a cohesive living space and what colour paint you might like, it is important first to evaluate your current situation. We will be looking for the existing colour scheme in all of your belongings and then work out what we can do with those base colours. We will then come up with a plan of how to fill in your home.

Colour identity chart.

It's important to know your favourite and least favourite colours, so let's make a chart! Now let's work on putting together a colour palette that YOU'll love. Or, if you're confused, you can use this one simple question as a starting point: What are three colours that represent how I want to feel?
feel? It’s very important not to skip this stage as it builds upon the fundamentals when selecting your perfect colours.

Color matching process.

At this stage, we are just trying to find a cluster of colours that match your base Colour palette drawn from the colours of your furniture and flooring and benchtops.
So to start to paint a picture of the types of colours, we will have to choose from when it comes down to your final selection process.
When we formulate this cluster of colours, we will begin choosing which colours attract your attention when selecting paint for your home.
After the colour scheme discussion, we will consider whether you would like a single colour throughout the space or two colours/multiple colours.

Project Plan of attack

This is where we sit down and outline your specific needs and requirements to get this project smoothly over the line. Things that need doing from getting sample pots to how far you should move your furniture away from the walls and what to do with the furniture that’s in the way. Step by step, we will set out a plan that you will have to follow and reach your desired goal of a perfectly painted house with the perfect Colour. We will also cover paints and paint types to consider during this stage. For example, do you choose low sheen or Matt paint? Should you use anti-mould paint and where to use it and, there is no need for it.

Colour selection process

In this Colour selection process, we will start to bring it all together and start a filtration process to filter out all the definite no suitable colours.
Then start to micro select out of what’s left colours you like and grab your attention.
Next, we will come in and filter further by sifting through what you have selected and narrowing it down to the top 10 colours that would suit your home currently.
From there, we will select the top 5 colours to test on your walls, and this is where we will tell you to buy sample pots of the colours selected so you can paint sections on your walls and see how different colours reflect the light and react in different areas of your home.
( we should keep this para hidden, let’s say you can tell them about this option in the colour consultation call as a tip so that they trust you more. This will help you build rapport with the customer. “WHAT DO YOU THINK ?”)


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